Week 10 & 11 WTA & ATP Indian Wells

This week we concentrate on the WTA & ATP Indian Wells tournament An explanation of how you interpret the notes can be found HERE The season Red Lays & Blue Back Results can be found HERE Wednesday 07th March 2018 Wednesdays Notes can be accessed  HERE Please note that the prices quoted were available on Betfair or if unavailable Matchbook just before the [...]

Trade on Football App Spurs v Huddersfield

On Saturday we launched our In-Play football App and Trade on Football service and I put the following screenshot on Social media (Click to Enlarge) This bought about the following response and question. ‘Can I just clarify this? is your model saying that Spurs 1-0 up are 1.35 to win the match with an hour to go versus Huddersfield?’ Here [...]

MLS Trading Recommendations 2018 Season

Here Matt Haynes takes us through his MLS trading recommendations for the 2018 season Since 2015, the top six teams in each conference qualify for the playoffs, playing in separate brackets. The first round of each conference has two play-in matches between the fourth- vs. fifth-place teams and the third- vs. sixth-, with the two higher seeds hosting. The lowest-seeded [...]