Unlike most services where you pay your fee and are generally left to your own devices. We want you to get the most of your membership and it is important to us that you fully understand every aspect of our service.

In the Skype rooms we go by the motto ‘No question is a stupid question’ and the idea of our meet ups is to cover all questions you may have regarding any aspect of betting, trading or using the software. and getting the most out of the service.

It is pointless joining a service without fully understanding everything involved and these meetings will look to address any issues you may have. We therefore offer a 4-hour seminar and these sessions will take place on selected Sundays throughout the year at the Village Hotel in Coventry. The meetings will look to start at 1pm and finish at 5pm giving everybody ample time to arrive and leave in good time if you so wish


Matt will take you through the daily stats sheets explaining exactly what everything means, and he will highlight what you should be looking for before the matches begin.

He will also take you through a couple of the strategies that are contained in the trading manual

We will also take you through the process you should go through once receiving the daily sheet. Particularly the opposing of the Red selections and the backing of the Blue selections.


Pete will take you through his ratings sheets and discuss the importance of staking and betting banks


We will take you through the Game State Application and if there are any live games we follow the matches and highlight how the software works and what you should be looking for.

There will be time to answer any questions you may have and afterwards we will make ourselves available in the bar to answer any further questions or queries you may have. We have found in the past that there is a good comradery spirit formed at these events and it gives members a chance to put names to faces.

The costs of these sessions are £15 for Members, and £25 for NON Members. Members can attend as many of these sessions as they wish.

Should non-members join any of the services on the day they will be refunded the £10 difference between the member and non-member rate.

Included in the cost is Tea/Coffee biscuits at the break.

To register interest in attending one of these sessions please click HERE