If you don’t have the time to dedicate to trading, then this service could be for you. We provide straight bets that you can place with any bookmaker or exchange.
Over the past few years, Trade on Sports have devised a ratings system for several sports.
These ratings compare the Trade on Sports Ratings to the opening prices offered at Pinnacle and other leading Sports Books.

We have now carried these ratings out for 5 years on the NHL (Ice Hockey), 4 years on the MLB (Baseball) and we have now just started producing ratings for the NFL (American Football) and NBA (Basketball)

Football Ratings started in October 2016.
The idea behind comparing the ratings to the opening prices, is that by following this disciplined approach we cananalyse the results look for any potential profitable trends.
For example, in the Ice Hockey we have devised a very good strategy by backing the away side that shows a negative rating and the opening price is between 1.80 & 1.87

Over the past 4 seasons we have had 261 bets producing a profit of 55.24 Pts which equates to a 21.16% Return on Investment.
Our theory as to why the above scenario is profitable is because the bookmakers want to take money on the home side so offer the away team up at a tempting price.  This would certainly look to be the case because on many occasions the home side gets backed in.

As time goes by and we receive more data then more trends will become apparent.
On joining the Silver package, you also receive Matt Haynes NBA & NFL Picks and MLS Picks.

Matt has been profitable in the NFL since advising to members over the last 3 seasons. He has now started providing members with his NBA ‘situational bets’

At the beginning of the week Matt looks closely at the following weeks schedule and considers factors such as distance travelled, altitude, team fitness and days rested. Matt then looks to see the teams that are both value and in a good situational position. This approach provides members with some very solid betting opportunities

The cost of the service is ONLY £3.99 a month.

There is also the opportunity to book yourself on to one of our Meet ups where you can ask any question relating to the service, details can be found HERE

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