Welcome to Trade on Sports

The aim of Trade on Sports is to be the best trading & betting community on the web. We pride ourselves on providing our members with information and applications that are at the cutting edge of sports trading both In-Play & Pre Match.

Your development as a trader is our priority and all the services backed up by lively Skype Trading Rooms. We are a friendly sports trading community which includes both full time professional traders who earn a living from trading and people who just enjoy trading as a hobby. Our Skype rooms have skilled traders from all around the world and we are a truly global community that offer helpful and friendly advice. In our Skype rooms we keep to our policy of no question is a stupid question. So please feel free to get involved

We are continually looking to develop strategies and applications, and over the next 18 months we hope to introduce applications in cricket and the major US Sports.

All of our services are very competitively priced to make this accessible to all.

At the moment Trade on Sports covers 3 services.

  • Trade on Tennis
  • Trade on Football
  • Ratings & Bets

Bonus Services (Free for a year after taking any Trade on Sports Silver\Gold service or free to all Ultimate Sports trader members)

  • Trade On Cricket (Access to skype trading room and Free Cricket Spreadsheets for use in trading)
  • Trade On American Sports (Access to American Sports Skype room where the main trading is the NFL and a Free NFL trading manual is provided)

You can join each service separately or you can join the Platinum service and receive everything for ONLY £44.95 per month.

It should be noted that all Platinum members receive ALL future services and applications when introduced.

Over the next year we will be introducing a Cricket App and service and a NFL App and service

We will be limiting the Platinum service to 150 Members

To register interest to join the Trade on Sports Platinum service Click HERE