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Trade on Sports Service Update

This notice is just to let members know what is happening with the Trade on Sports service and how we are progressing with the various applications.


First, I just want to remind everybody that we still have places left at our Meet Up on Sunday 20th of May at the Village Hotel in Coventry.

In this meet up we will be going through subjects such as staking, bank size and money management. Here we will be dealing with how to approach the Red & Blue selections and I will go through the ratings and how best to play them. Matt will also underline the best time to enter and exit when trading the tennis

Then Matt will take us through phase 2 of the Tennis App. We are then hoping to release this in time for the French Open around the 25th of May.

This App will be available to all Ultimate Sports Trader members and Tennis Gold members. If you are interested in upgrading to any of these services, then please email

The cost of the meet up is £17.50 for members and this includes Tea/Coffee & light refreshments. Please email if you would like to attend and we still have a few places left.


Firstly all members of the tennis service should now have access to phase 1 of the Tennis Application. You should also receive an email each day highlighting the red & blue selections. This email is separate to the one I send out during the day.

Should you not have access to this app or you are not receiving the emails please let me know.

The reds continue to show some very good returns and have now performed consistently over the past 3 seasons. Once again, I would recommend laying the reds for 1 pt. The Blues have been going through a lean run recently and are now at scratch for the season.

Matt continues to give solid advice in the tennis trading room and I would again point members to the trading manual just to refresh yourself on the strategies.


The football game state application has been well received. We have been asked for further guidance. Firstly, a good place to start is the Facebook page ‘Late Goal in Soccer Strategy and Data’ . This can be found here:

Here Jonny Grossmark who devised the original idea for the App shares his thoughts on the In Play action.

I will be meeting up with Jonny over the next month or so and will be looking to produce a document outlining the general scenarios you should be looking out for. This document will certainly be ready before the start of the next European season.

Phase 2 of the prematch-to-inplay application should be ready for the World Cup and we hope to let everyone look at the application during the tournament. This will allow us to view the inplay stats as the matches unfold hopefully giving us opportunities to profit in the Match Odds and Overs and Under Markets. Also we can use the current prematch page to gain opportunities to profit prematch before team news.


Once again Liam Green has done some excellent work in pointing members to profitable pre match trades and the interaction in the room is very good.


The MLB strategy has performed very well and along with the NHL these look to be low risk strategies.

At the end of the European season I will dissect the football ratings to see if we have any trends in any of the leagues and then look to implement some strategies for the new season. I will also look at the NFL

The NBA has been a disappointment, but I am sure a decent strategy can be found at the end of this season.

Matt will continue to provide NBA, MLS & NFL advice where last season his NFL was nothing short of spectacular.

Tiago has provided his followers in Brazil with a solid NBA season and hopefully we can profit from this over the next season where he will share his selections.

Should you have any questions on any of the above then please email

Finally, if you can make it to the meet up please come along. This new tennis app should take our trading to a new level.