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Trade on Sports MLB Betting Strategy 2018

This season the MLB betting strategy has started in very good fashion. The current strategy is if a home side opening price is between 1.61 and 1.70 and it is showing a negative value of up to -5.00% against our ratings then you lay them to win 1pt.

For example, if a selection is priced at 1.68 and you are laying to win £10 then you are risking .68 of £10 which is £6.80

So, if you are Laying to win £20 then you are risking £13.60 a selection

So, this season as at the 20th June 2018 we have had 35 selections we have staked 23.12 which averages out at .66 pts a selection and we have had 21 winners & 14 losers leaving us with a profit of 11.79 pts. This then gives us a return on Investment of 50.99%

Before building a strategy, I carry through a disciplined approach each day by recording the rating to the opening price. Then over the seasons you can then go through the data and ultimately, I am always looking to find something defensive where over a period the losses have been kept to a minimum and where the potential upside is positive.

If we look at the last 4 seasons by following this strategy we have the following

A detailed breakdown of the results and ratings over the past 5 seasons can be found HERE

2014 185 Selections 89 Winners, 96 Losers 137.86 staked + 25.79 pts (18.81 % ROI)

2015 178 Selections 69 Winners, 109 Losers 131.28 staked -2.33 pts (-1.77 % ROI)

2016 145 Selections 58 Winners, 87 Losers 106.51 staked +1.24 pts (1.16 % ROI)

2017 169 Selections 81 Winners, 88 Losers 110.77 staked +23.40 pts (21.12 % ROI)

Total up to 20th June 2018

712 Selections 318 Winners, 394 Losers 509.54 staked +59.89 pts (11.75 % ROI)

Now the key thing here is that although in 2015 & 2016 the strategy essentially broke even it did not lose. Many punters / traders do not really grasp the fact that at the end of the day this is a long term game. Some expect winners everyday and further expect to get rich very quickly. This is simply just not the case  and I am always looking for the lowest risk strategies that potentially deliver the best returns.

The MLB strategy is part of the trade on Sports Ratings & Bets Service which cost £3.99 on a 4 week cycle and details can be found HERE

The Trade on Sports Prospectus for 2018 can be found HERE